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LeapMaker.com is a combination of artistic design and computer development.

LeapMaker Technical Services provides a wide range of high-quality technical services.
We have over 20 years experience in the field with a wide variety of solutions and support.
Including but not limited to Microsoft Software of almost any sort, Mac, Solaris and Others (issue dependent).
We don't merely provide aid, we usually provide solutions.

Will actually support 'almost' anywhere in the world at additional cost (unless purely remote).
[email protected]

We are presently in development of several software and hardware products from games to internet products. We will apply the artistic vision to the packaging and assembly in order to make astheticaly pleasing signature products.

Company e-mail:
Information: [email protected]
Support: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]

Personnel e-mail:
Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea: [email protected]
Other Personnel: [email protected]